Yes, I’m a slacker.

It was brought to my attention by the estimable Mrs. RW that I hadn’t written anything here in entirely too long and that no doubt both of my Dear Readers were highly annoyed by this. Of course there was by usual summer lethargy where I spend time consciously NOT writing and then this August I once again joined the ranks of High School Coaches and trying not to screw up yet another soccer season frankly required so much energy and generated so much stress that the thought of being sarcastically serious was too much to bear. Hopefully I’ve gotten back into the swing of things by now and everything can return to a more normal pace.

You’re probably scornful of my statement that coaching an athletic team could be stressful and difficult. After all, we all know some serious mouth-breathers who seem to be quite successful at it. Perhaps this is true, but I would submit that I find coaching difficult precisely because I have the capacity and predilection for introspection. Those individuals that are blessed with a surfeit of self-assurance without the least desire (or capacity) for introspection no doubt find the complicated calculus of getting teenagers working towards a common goal simple (or at least simply dismissed).

In any event, now that the season is behind me, I can once again focus my attention on the cringe-worthy pronouncements our Fearless Leaders have made in the interim and share with you the hilarious anecdotes of the Hobbit and the Gnome. Brace yourselves!




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