How-To Guide

Ok folks, this is where I help those of you that are too timid to push random buttons on the internet. If you wish to make your own wordpress psuedonymous it is free and easy to do. It is my hope that this will encourage you to use the same name every time so that we will come to recognize you. (Note: people with alter egos may want to create several accounts!)

Creating an Account:

1. Go to

2. If you don’t already have an account, there is an option to make one. This requires a user name (which you make up and will be your pseudonym) and an email account.

3. There really is no step three. If the user name you’ve chosen is already in use, it’ll ask you to try again but once you are successful, then wordpress should kick you to a “dashboard.” This is in case you want to create your own blog (this is free, too.) If you don’t want to do that, then simply navigate back to the SS blog.


1. After you have made an account, you can Login to make comments on the SS webpage using your new ID. There is a link to do so under the Member Links widget on the right hand side of the front page.

2. Once logged in, you simply hit “Comment,” type something in the text box, hit Submit and PRESTO you are now an internet poster! Congratulations!

3. OR, if you would rather not make a permanent ID for yourself and just want to make a quick note, just type in the required fields by the comment box.

Making an Avatar:

An avatar is that little picture that goes beside your name anywhere it appears on the webpage. The blog will “assign” you a little monster picture that is attached to your account and won’t change unless you make your own. Making an avatar is SUPER EASY.

1. Go to wordpress’ sister site Gravatar. If you were already logged in to wordpress, then gravatar will already know who you are. If not, then login using the same account and password you have for wordpress.

2. Under My Account click “Add an Image.” Then Gravatar will ask you to ID an image.

3. Once you select an image, Gravatar will take you to a “Crop” window. Play around with the image until you have what you want.

4. Rate your image (this site doesn’t allow “adult” rated pictures) and make sure it is selected as your primary image for that email account.

5. Boom! You’re done! Congratulations! Give Gravatar 10 minutes to “spread the word” to wordpress and refresh the page and your new avatar should appear! (You may have to delete some cookies to get a totally fresh reload of the webpage)