About Sarcastically Serious

Originally known as S.A.S.S., or the Smart Ass Secret Society, this blog is slowly changing into the ranting of one rather snarky individual. This (once) young man is sarcastic and cynical to a fault, with a deadpan delivery that you have to see to believe. Once you “get” that he’s only serious half of the time, it’s actually quite fun trying figure out which half that is, exactly.

What follows on this website is a series of rants and observations about completely random stuff as observed through the lens of the author. Keep in mind that this particular lens has been near-sighted its whole life, and probably shouldn’t be taken all that seriously.

Guest authors may make an appearance from time to time and I don’t want the reader to get freaked out about that. Everything is fine. Please remain calm.

I would only ask that all references to real people be done without using their actual names because not everyone appreciates being the butt of a joke. Please remember that this is all in good fun and that we are all friends here.