The Year of Fun


One of my Illustrious Colleagues here at the Campus of Calumny has declared that this year is to be the Year of Fun. Like the Chinese New Year, every school year is declared in honor of a school-related emotion. Last year was the Year of Puzzlement, which explains why I didn’t write very much as so much of my time was taken up with french limericks.

The Year of Fun only happens once a decade or so, and the reasons for this are not very well understood. Some people have posited that teachers aren’t very fun people and they quickly run out of things to do, others have suggested that teachers are naturally very funny people, but they have to wear the Stern Visage of Education all the time and it wears them down.

In any event, I was told in no uncertain terms that a requirement for the Year of Fun was to write more often because reading about how much worse things could be if you lived in my head makes everything seem much more fun in comparison.

So what kinds of things are in store for this Year? Truthfully, I don’t know. Our Fearless Leaders are almost entirely new and have many delightful quirks; our Media Center is gaining Artificial Intelligence and will likely decide to take over the place; and some of our teachers are wondering if we get paid enough to stay sober for the whole day. Whatever happens, you can be sure that it’ll be funny.

Everyone break out your favorite wig, the Year of Fun is upon us!


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