Need a quick laugh today?

This appeared in my Inbox and I thought it was worth a chuckle. It’s funny because it’s true.


4 thoughts on “Need a quick laugh today?

  1. stumpsmcgee

    I seem to be the only one willing to tell you this, but there was nothing on this blog post. Just your intro and an advertisement… Sorry to burst your bubble at your attempt to make us laugh. 😉


  2. Healthy subjects easily spotted sarcasm The healthy individuals could easily identify the lies and sarcasm. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease also could quickly recognize lies, though the sarcastic scenarios were harder for them to detect. However, patients with FTD couldn’t recognize either the sarcastic scenarios or the lies.


  3. Mom would approve She says that her mother would have approved of her quest, which, she said, “is totally serious.” Borkowsky’s mother, who is deceased, was a classic worrier who constantly called her daughters (Borkowsky has one sister who was married, but is divorced) with motherly advice such as “don’t wear red bathrobes” because she’d heard that red is a gang color.


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