Deep Thoughts (for me, anyway)

My grandfather’s funeral has me thinking about things. Mostly confused jumbles of things without direction or context, but the Universe delivered me a message today that helped clarify things a bit. As usual, the Universe is a little foul-mouthed, so brace yourselves.

From XKCD:


3 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts (for me, anyway)

  1. As you have evolved spiritually, so has your truth seemed to evolve and you allow yourselves to see different and higher aspects of this truth, but even now, you have not seen THE TRUTH. It IS Coming. As this process continues, your truth will change. If you choose to not be open to the possibilities, then you will stay where you are and that is perfectly okay. We do, however, suggest that you at least view the possibilities to see what may resonate with you and even those things that do not or appear to not resonate. Honestly notice why they do not. Is there a fear or does it honestly not resonate with you?


  2. Two species which existed in the distant past, a very great distance from the Milky Way galaxy. The G’Gugvuntt were enemies of the Vl’hurgs, and these strange and warlike beings are on the brink of an interstellar war, because of an insult uttered by the G’Gugvuntt leader to the mother of the Vl’hurg leader. Resplendent in their black-jeweled battle shorts, they were meeting for the last time, and a dreadful silence filled the air as the Vl’hurg leader was challenging the G’Gugvuntt leader to retract the insult. At the precise moment, the phrase “I seem to be having tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle” (muttered by Arthur Dent to himself, which for some strange reason was carried by a freak wormhole in space back in time to the farthest regions of the universe where the G’Gugvuntts and the Vl’hurgs lived) filled the air over the conference table, which in the Vl’hurg tongue was the most dreadful insult imaginable. It left them no choice but to declare war on the G’Gugvuntts, which went on for a few thousand years and decimated their entire galaxy.


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