Stealth Birds

Working in a school can be stressful, but probably not for the reasons you might think. Unlike a normal work environment where you might have one or two coworkers who act like emotionally stunted juvenile delinquents, when you are a Future Generator all of the people you work with actually are juvenile delinquents. If you are not a teacher, imagine what a work day would be like if you had to watch your language, avoid teasing your coworkers about their mistakes, model proper decorum at all times… I mean, even the Vice President gets to drop an F-Bomb every once in a while at work!

Way back in the day when teaching was still part of my “5 year plan” towards a job that I really wanted, some of my colleagues and I would play a game that had no official name, so I’m giving it one now. The game, which I am going to name “Stealth Birds” is an incredibly stupid game, but when you spend your entire professional career clamping down on your behavior, even the smallest amount of stress relief can be important.

The game is very simple. Try to flip off your coworkers without getting caught by either the students or Fearless Leaders. The more daring the bird, the more awesome (and funny) you are. The idea is that schools are Very Serious Places where futures are generated, so flipping someone off for no reason is startling and funny. There is no way to keep score (who has time for that anyway?), but I imagine that if you managed to pull off an overhead double bird in the auditorium during a presentation, you could at least demand a free beer.

Special Note: If you are a Future Generator unfortunate enough to work in a school where some of your coworkers may be secretly armed, I might think twice before playing this game.

So if you’re feeling bored and daring at work today, see if you can’t convince some folks to play a round of Stealth Birds with you! Happy Friday!


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