2013: The Year of Resolutions

Over the Christmas Break (we can still call it that here in the South because we’ve long since scared all the heathens away) I was relentlessly peer pressured into joining the Instagram Nation. Unsurprisingly, my pathetic attempts at photography have proven to be just as popular as my almost equally sad attempts at writing. Still, if you need to feel better about yourself between posts here, my ID is mjgraham10.

Most almost totally obscure internet bloggers prudently wait until the end of any given year to label it, but my mystical 18th century Rhode Island Red-shaped weather vane this morning was pointing towards “prognostication” so I’m going to give it a go. This is the Year of Resolutions. I predict that Fearless Leaders at every level of organization will be busy passing, mocking, debating, and crying over more Resolutions than you can shake a stick at. I am also certain that nearly every regular person out there will be similarly involved in resolutions of all kinds and that their success or failure will indelibly mark the events of the year.

It’s inevitable that with the world’s failure to end that people would be filled with a renewed sense of hope and optimism. Being largely immune to such emotions, I’ve opted for a much simpler resolution. While I was visiting with my family, new in-law and sometime reader “Almond” admonished everyone nearby at the clock ticked slowly towards the new year to “Do Stuff.” While no one is actually certain what he was talking about, he was very determined to get his message across and in order to keep him from harming himself or anyone else (new in-laws find hanging out with the family very stressful), we quickly adopted it as our New Year’s Eve theme.

Upon slightly more sober reflection yesterday I realized that “Do Stuff” is a pretty brilliant resolution. It not only meets all the criteria for a good New Year’s Resolution, but it is also so universally applicable that everyone can claim to be united in a single cause! Can you imagine what will happen when the entire nation gets caught up in the “Do Stuff” resolution? This could end up being the rallying cry that our apathetic and cynical nation has been waiting for. Finally, we can put aside our petty differences and do stuff.

Yup, this is going to be The Year of Resolutions. Get out there people and Do Stuff.


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