Greetings, my fellow internet travelers! My name is RockWalker, and I’m hailing you from a bizarre realm of both nonplussitude and snark… I am hailing you from Wednesday.

Who doesn’t love fun socks?

Einstein said that time is relative. I think that Wednesday is doubly so. Sometimes when you are terrifically busy both at home and at work the week seems to zoom by and you hardly even notice that there was a Wednesday at all. Then there are other times when you might also be incredibly busy and when Wednesday hits, time stops and mocks you.

According to my watch it has now been Wednesday for approximately 72 hours and I haven’t even had a lunch break. As far as I know there is no explanation for this temporal shift and no known way to escape it.

What is there to do during these interminable Wednesdays? Well, after you have already perused your favorite websites only to discover that there is nothing new or interesting on them, solved the daily crossword puzzle (hint: 11 down is “gargle”), and contemplated joining a Sock of the Month Club, there is only one thing left to do; fantasize about a Primanti Brothers Sandwich.

Those of you not raised in Western PA are forgiven for not knowing that the Ultimate Sandwich has already been invented. These sandwiches transcend lunchtimes and even the mere contemplation of them has been known to carry investment bankers and steel workers alike through even the most heinous of Wednesdays. Please understand that these sandwiches are not for the faint-hearted or the diet-conscious (yes, that is cole slaw and french fries on the sandwich), but when you are stuck in an endless Wednesday they are the perfect thing to get you through it.

Sadly, dreaming about the Highest Expression of Sandwich Art is all that I will be able to do today as Primanti’s isn’t a chain restaurant and I don’t think that I’m inside their delivery zone. If you live in the Greater Pittsburgh area, please stop by and have a sandwich for me and if you’re not but suddenly wish that you were, I’m right there with you.

At least thinking about sandwiches distracted me for a bit. Now it’s … you’ve got to be kidding me! Am I on Candid Camera?


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