Ha, ha! Bet you didn’t ride to work today!

The last two days have been rather long because basketball season has arrived once again. This means that because I’m one heck of a nice guy, I get to wear my tuckus out on a bench in the gym while making the pretty scoreboard lights blink on and off.

As I get older, I find that my regular bedtime of 7:00 pm becomes more important. Getting home after 10 pretty much turns me into a zombie the following day. Add to that the fact that it has been actually cold the past few mornings and you can imagine that my usual nonplussed expression has reached legendary new heights.

As I entered the Hallowed Halls of Hoops this morning I was greeted by one of my colleagues laboriously puffing her way down the hallway and she hailed me with “Tell me you didn’t ride today!”

I know that bicycling is becoming more popular in some parts of the country, but I don’t think that pushing a bicycle around the workplace has become the latest fashion accessory quite yet.

In fact bicycling to work has become so normal for me that I have begun trying to convince Mrs. RW to spend a good chunk of her hard-earned money (my money is neither hard-earned nor large enough to be called a “chunk”) in order to buy a bicycle actually built for commuting and towing the Gnome to and from school with occasional stops at the grocery store.

In fact, the bicycle that I’m pitching is the Yuba Boda Boda. Basically it is a beach cruiser with the carrying capacity of a small car. So far, Mrs. RW has resisted my efforts citing such nonsense as food and electricity, so I’m turning to you, Dear Readers, to supply some much-needed peer pressure. When Mrs. RW sees how the dozens of my faithful readers all think that buying this bicycle is a good idea, she’ll have no choice but to go along with my mad scheme!


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