Special Snowflakes

I’ll begin today by apologizing to my (3) faithful readers for my brief lapse in writing. The truth is that I’m not a very good writer and it sometimes takes me days to figure out if I should use to, too, or two.

In any event, today is a special day because today we are discovering that all of our students are special snowflakes. You see, each of our students has special needs and needs to have the curriculum modified so that they can be successful in school. As near as I can figure out (and I admit to not paying attention at all to the presentation) we have now reached a tipping point in education where there are more students with disabilities than without. Interestingly, this means that those remaining 5 students that don’t have any type of disability are in danger of being discriminated against and so now they require special services as well.

Those of you not involved in Public Education: The New Reality might be tempted to think that I am making some of this up. I can assure you that this is not the case. If you would like to test my veracity, please feel free to march yourself into the nearest counselor’s office and demand that your child (if you don’t have one, just pretend) receive special treatment for their disability. I think that you’ll be surprised.

As I’m sure 1/2 of you are aware, this Thursday is Thanksgiving. On this most special of secular holidays Americans attempt to do what they do best; eat fattening foods until we are physically ill and then engage in pseudo-debates until we collapse insensate onto the couch.

I will once again be cooking the meal for my family. I have already warned them that it might not be ready until Saturday because with my disability I need to take multiple breaks.


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