I don’t believe it.

It is much colder than it looks, ok?

Because being an almost totally obscure internet blogger doesn’t actually pay any bills by itself, the sun found me once again making my laborious way into work. I was very tired and only semi-conscious; for some reason this year’s ritual changing of the clocks has messed me up rather more than usual and I’ve been waking up an hour early and totally unable to go back to sleep. The upside of this is that I get to putter around the house for a good while without having anyone yell or cry at me, but the downside is that it is the middle of the night and I feel like a basement dweller with no life.

Anyway, about halfway through my trip to the Concerned Cornerstone of Conservatism the sun popped up over the horizon. I have to say that this caught me totally by surprise. You see, I get all my news (like everyone else) from “that guy” who hangs around the copy machine. You know who I’m talking about; that guy who doesn’t ever seem to have anywhere to be in particular and seems to know everything about everything. According to “that guy” the world ended when the President managed to successfully rig the elections on Tuesday. (Everyone knows that credit card companies won’t stop calling you just because the world ends… which is why I still went to work today)

So I can be forgiven for thinking that the sun would no longer be rising. I know that it is definitely the end of the world because the students tell me that school is  hell and it has frozen! (You have to look closely to see the frost on the bridge)

So here we are at the end of the road. The apocalypse has finally begun and I don’t own a single MRE or shotgun. I have no idea how the RW Clan will survive the inevitable descent into barbarism that is sure to happen any day now, but last night we began preparing by stocking up on toilet paper so maybe we will be able to trade with the roving bands of looters. One thing that I’ve always observed about lawless bandits is that they seem woefully short of toiletries and I’m sure that they’ll be appreciative.



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