Franken-snow-pocalyps-agheddon-storm of 2012

Tomorrow is the official end of the hurricane season, a fact that most everyone in the “upper right” portion of our country is profoundly thankful for today. This is no doubt because it will provide us with another installment of the yearly punditry concerning the total ridiculousness of the theory of increasing weather weirdness as a result of our mucking about in the troposphere with greenhouse gases. I mean, can you imagine? Some people actually think that adding energy to a barely understood and so-complex-as-to-appear-chaotic system could have effects we might interpret as negative! What utter nonsense! Now that another hurricane season has come and gone and once again bizarre “super storms” have totally failed to appear, maybe we can finally put this idea to rest.

In other news, I heard that some folks in the eastern half of the country are expecting a bit of rain, so you folks remember to be careful while you’re driving around today!

[Ed. Note – In all seriousness, I sincerely hope that everyone out there affected by this storm is safe and taking every possible precaution to remain so.]

Chicks dig the “tousled” look!

Interestingly, the Franken-snow-pocalyps-gheddon-storm of 2012 Sandy barely touched us here in the traditional Home of the Hurricanes. We had a few days of wind and rain and sure, portions of the county were cut off from everyone else due to rough seas and flooding, but all things considered it was no big deal. In fact the biggest problem I have had to deal with was the 20 mph wind gusts which have been doing their best to blow me off the road on the way into work these last few days. This is offset by the fact that I haven’t had to pedal at all on the way home and the fact that my hair looks excitingly wind-blown.


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