Isn’t Home Improvement Fun?!

Are they grimacing in pain? That seems about right.

It’s been almost a year since the RW Clan moved into the Hobbit Hole, and we’re finally getting around to painting the place. I’m not saying that we’re deliberate or picky as much as overworked and frazzled.

Anyway, I should point out that neither Mrs. RW or myself are particularly skilled at painting and neither of us enjoy it very much at all. However, since we had already bought the paint and the kids were starting to nag us about it, we donned some old clothes and got to work.

Almost immediately, a few things began to go horribly and tragically wrong. First, in an effort to appease the whining monsters that share our happy household, Mrs. RW allowed the Hobbit and Gnome to paint part of the wall. This predictably produced an even more uneven application of paint than usual and splattered paint all over every surface in a 10 foot radius. At one point, the Gnome, dripping paint from her hands, declared that painting was the best activity ever! Secondly, Mrs. RW and I had gotten about half of the living room painted when we realized that neither of us (not even after forming a human ladder) were tall enough to paint the top of the vaulted ceiling.

So now we’re stuck with half-painted walls until a door-to-door ladder salesman happens by and is willing to demonstrate the excellence of his product so that we can complete the job. I suspect that one will be along any minute now.

You know those home improvement commercials that show clean and calm people gleefully transforming their homes with an application of paint and a high-five in 30 seconds? If I ever meet one of those people I’m going to smack them with a used paintbrush with dried and crusty paint on it and then laugh maniacally.


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