Once more into the breach!

Getting Ready for Advanced Math

As has become a bit of a tradition here, I haven’t posted much during the summer break. Partly this is because my main source of inspiration (the sometimes ridiculous and mostly ineffective effort colloquially referred to as “public school”) is on break and my personal life isn’t terribly interesting, but mostly it is because the school confiscated my computer this summer in order to “reformat” it and update its software.

Keeping in mind of course that there was nothing actually wrong with the computer and whenever something does malfunction tech support invariably tells me to reboot it and say the rosary, I found this highly amusing. But I am nothing if not cordial and accommodating, so I turned in my computer and became the modern-day version of a recluse. That is, I only had access to the virtual world through a netbook and smart phone, which made it almost totally impossible to interact meaningfully with other people.

Anyway, today the Gnome and I biked into school and picked up the newly polished and improved computer. 15 minutes of boot time, one BSOD (Blue Screen of Death),  and 38 “important” updates from Windows later and I’m reconnected to the world.

Anyway, aside from ranting about the state and nature of education, I haven’t actually been doing a whole lot that is even remotely interesting. Let’s keep our virtual fingers crossed that as I head back into the Halls of High Comedy that something even almost ridiculous or nonsensical happens that I can spin completely our of proportion for our mutual amusement.

Stay Tuned!


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