Let’s get it Started.

When we last left our Heroes, there was some uncertainty about whether or not Mrs. RW and I would even be able to go on the Great Bicycle Adventure. Thanks in part to the efforts of the elder generations of the RW Clan we are in fact going to be able to risk life and limb on the Great Bicycle Adventure.

Perhaps you’ve never been on an outdoor adventure. Or perhaps your outdoor adventures have been according to Plan and relatively benign. In either case, you have no idea what an RW Clan outdoor adventure looks like. You see, for whatever reason when anyone in my family heads outside for longer than an afternoon, the universe sees an opportunity for mischief.

To give you an example of what I’m talking about, here is a short list of the tricks that the universe has played on us in the past. (Nothing on this list has been embellished in any way)

* On one weekend camping trip, it decided to rain for 48 hours straight despite a good weather report. It began raining immediately after we set up the tent and stopped raining as soon as we took it back down.

* During a winter trip, I fell into a partially frozen lake and had to run around a campfire in my a pair of sweatpants (the only dry clothes I had left) in order to avoid hypothermia.

*The first time I ever took Mrs. RW camping, there was a tornado warning that night and we spent the better part of that evening glued to the radio listening for updates and double-checking our tent stakes.

* While rafting down a mild river with a group in several rafts, only one raft flipped over and only one bag wasn’t completely waterproof… it was mine.

* On an afternoon hiking trip with a college buddy, he twisted his ankle at exactly the halfway mark. We had a great time working out how to get him 2.5 miles through the mountains on only one leg.

So, what can we expect this week? Perhaps it’ll rain (this is almost guaranteed) or perhaps we’ll have some serious bike failure that I can’t fix and we’ll have to push one (more likely both) bikes miles to the nearest repair shop.

Of course knowing all this has yet to deter anyone in the RW Clan from heading outdoors. In fact, I daresay that it gives us a perverse kind of pleasure in knowing that no matter how well prepared we are, the universe has tricks in store for us and it’ll be up to us to weather them with style.


At random spots along the route there are places with WiFi spots and I’m going to break my “no high tech” rule and try to provide updates as we mosey along. Maybe I’ll even grace you all with shaky and blurred pictures! Stay tuned!


One thought on “Let’s get it Started.

  1. SilverFox

    In truth, literally tens of tens of those living along the planned route have been in intense consultation with the local Lowes’s stores trying to RW proof their homes. Some fear tornadoes, some earthquakes, but my money is on the area’s first every tsunami. Only time will tell what Loci has in mind.


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