We don’t need no stinkin’ Plans!

I have successfully completed my checkout sheet. I have cleaned out the acquired detritus of yet another school year. I am properly medicated and ready to deal with my children during the daytime for the next several months. In short, summer break is upon us.

The Great Bicycling Adventure is scheduled to begin in one week and our preparations are proceeding according to plan. (That is, we’re all set to make a plan any day now). Some people find my method of planning trips aggravating (hi Mom!), but there is a certain zen-like genius to my non-planning. You see, in my experience, practically nothing will go according to plan. In fact, the more you want something to happen a certain way, the more likely it is that the car will break down, dinosaurs will trample your house, or the FBI will mistakenly identify you as terrorists and detain you long enough to miss your flight.

Take this Great Bicycling Adventure for example. With less than 2 weeks to go, my sister decides to smash a largish portion of her skeleton and my grandfather becomes so overcome with boredom that he has checked himself into the hospital with the cutest nurses for “tests.” Mom has flown out to my sister’s place to help her recuperate and the doctors might have actually discovered something wrong with Pap necessitating a small operation. All of this happened only days after Mrs. RW and I set a firm “start date” for our Adventure. Coincidence?

Can you imagine what horrors would have befallen if we had actually gone ahead and mapped out a daily itinerary for our trip? Such an action would no doubt have prompted the Universe to take drastic measures and even now I’d be fleeing for my life in my pajamas through the Canadian Rockies.

No, the only way to have any chance at all of actually taking the Great Bicycling Adventure is to plan as little as possible and only at the very last moment. It takes time for the Universe to respond to plans and sometimes it is possible to catch it by surprise so that the worst it can throw at you is a rainstorm or an outbreak of malaria.

So, will we have to cancel our trip? Has the Universe beaten us this time? Possibly. I would say that our plans have changed, but that would just encourage the Universe to new heights. Best to leave everything as up in the air as possible.

Wish us luck!


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