It’s almost adventure time!

For quite a long time now (going on 7 years) Mrs. RW and I have harbored a secret dream. It has been our dream to ditch the kids and go on an adventure. There have always been 2 obstacles which prevented us from realizing our dream. One, no one wanted to take our children (perfectly understandable), and two, Mrs. RW and I have wildly different points of view concerning what constitutes an “adventure.”

Well, our children are finally old enough to raid the cupboards and nearly 100% potty-trained, so my parents have agreed to board them for a week, provided that we pay for their food and sign a waiver stating that any injuries sustained while at their house are “Acts of God” and that they can’t be held responsible.

Mrs. RW’s idea of an adventure involves sleeping in, weird foods, and endlessly long discussions of ancient somethings made by people so old no one can pronounce their names correctly and who preferably lived in countries where they simply refuse to speak English.

My idea of an adventure involves fresh air, exercise, and reconnecting with that uniquely American spirit of exploration into the vast unknown which requires one to hone their skills to a razor’s edge and being prepared for anything from hillbillies to mountain lions.

Clearly, my sense of adventure is the superior one, but when you’re married I’ve discovered that it will behoove you to take your partner’s feelings into account so that when you pitch your idea you can make it seem like something that they want to do.

This is exactly how I’ve tricked Mrs. RW into agreeing into a 300 mile bicycle ride from Washington DC to Pittsburgh, PA. Apparently there are two trails which link the cities so that hikers and cyclists don’t have to worry about automobile traffic. I’ve talked Mrs. RW into it by telling her about the little towns along the route which have been there since our nation’s founding that are simply full of historic significance, and pointing out to her that the trail has hotels and B and B’s all along its length. In fact, half of the trail itself was originally a business proposition by none other than George Washington!

Of course I’ve completely downplayed the fact that no matter how much history is there for the absorbing, you still have to bicycle 300 miles through the woods and mountains to the finish line. Arguably, this could be problematic, but I’m confident that my exuberance will carry her for at least 40 miles and at that point, we’ll be far enough away from the starting line that it’ll be easier to find our stopping point for the day rather than go back.

I’ve explained to Mrs. RW that it would be a very good idea to log some cycling miles before we leave for our adventure in order to get our legs used to the whole idea, and she’s agreed that this is an excellent idea. So far our training regimen has consisted entirely of hauling the children to the playground, but I’m confident that we’ll be picking up the pace here in the next few weeks.

I plan to blog about our adventure and in the interest of journalistic objectivity, perhaps I’ll talk Mrs. RW into writing a  little about it as well. Long-time readers know that I’ve never skewed the facts of any story, but it is possible that Mrs. RW will be able to recall more vividly some things which I had forgotten in all the excitement. The trip is planned for the end of June, so stay tuned for training updates!


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