That’s it?! Spring Break is over already?

I have been told that the only thing more depressing than a week of sleeping in, playing in the sunshine, and generally re-acquainting yourself with your family during Spring Break (we’re not allowed to call it Easter Break anymore thanks to the Godless Liberal Heathens that run our school board!)* is missing out on this blog. Fortunately, Spring Break is only a week and now we’re back to pushing 10,000 more facts into the pointy unwashed heads of our students.

I have always found mornings to be a little jarring and unpleasant, but after a week of the easy life of a stay at home parent** I thought that this morning was particularly hateful.

10 Things I Really Hated About This Morning Because It Meant I Had To Go To Work.

1. Waking up in the middle of the night to begin the day.

2. Being verbally abused by Mrs. RW while trying to wake her up in the middle of the night to begin the day.

3. Going to work.

4. Arriving at work.

5. Immediately upon entering the building, suffering a seizure from the ancient flickering fluorescent lighting.

6. Tap dancing around the piles of dead and dying roaches that haven’t been swept up for a week.

7. Realizing upon reaching my door that I’ve forgotten my keys.

8. Seeing the stack of papers awaiting my attention that I so gleefully abandoned a week ago.

9. Witnessing the obnoxiously cheerful (obnoxious because they’re cheerful) greetings of other staff members.

10. Realizing that any minute now, someone is going to ask me to go to the bathroom.

In any event, I have loads of fun stories to share with you about our Spring Break adventure, so stay tuned!

* Sorry about that, the TV remote got lost under a couch cushion and I accidentally watched 15 minutes of FOX News this week. 

** Um, yeah. To try and balance it out I also watched 15 minutes of MSNBC. I think I’ve got it out of my system now.


3 thoughts on “That’s it?! Spring Break is over already?

  1. Gramdam

    Suck it up and get on with it! You’re piddlin’ summer break will be here soon. Honestly, I feel your pain, too. Hard to get back in the saddle and enjoy the ride when the horse is lumpy and you have to begin in the middle of the night! Wait, are we talking about the same thing?


  2. stumpsmcgee

    Uh…get over RW. I’ve been back at work for two weeks now after my Spring Break. And of course, coming back to work is finally sparking Mother Nature to give us spring-like weather, instead of the winter weather I had during my break.


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