Confirmed: I’m an Idiot.

Ever since the Epic Move of 2011, I have resolved that the RW Clan now lives close enough to the Temple to Torrid Temerity that I should bicycle both to and from work every day. This morning as I was departing, I did in fact notice the ominous clouds, but didn’t think anything of them. “Even if it does rain a bit,” I thought to myself, “I have a rain jacket and extra socks.”

After I had traveled all of 300 feet, the gods decided to mock me and unleashed a deluge. Only two things kept me moving forward; an overwhelming desire to persevere and thus prove my manliness and the sad fact that it was the only way to get to work. Eventually I arrived at work and discovered that my rain jacket is much less waterproof than it used to be. Of course everyone thinks that bicycling to work is crazy to begin with, so I’ve gotten used to being cheerful in the face of incredulity, but I have to say that even my boundless good cheer was strained today.

Perhaps there are practical limits to theoretically good ideas. For example, if you lack the proper gear to bicycle through a thunderstorm, then it might be a good idea to listen to your partner and carpool to work. Maybe.

In any event, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and the RW Clan is hosting the traditional Roast Beast Feast. Remember that nearly all of our stuff (including cooking implements) are still randomly packed into boxes in the garage and we don’t really have any space to seat everyone who’s supposed to show up, but given how well today turned out, I can’t see how anything could possibly go wrong.

I hope that everyone has a fantastic holiday and to please remember to tip your waiters.


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