Personality Test

Like many of us, I find myself on a continuing personal journey of self discovery and improvement. It is a universal truth that only by examining our values and being mindful of our thoughts that we can hope to improve and grow as individuals.

— Wow, sorry about that. I just got out of an EC meeting. I don’t know what just came over me, but if it was in that punch then I’d advise everyone to be very careful, no matter how thirsty you might be! —

A few students today were talking about a Personality Test that they had taken in a previous class and were busy dissecting their results. The children leading the conversation proudly announced that they were extroverts (obnoxious jerks) while the students who discovered that they were introverted (whiny losers) tried not to make eye contact. They went on for quite a while discussing what it meant to have strengths in interpersonal relationships (they cheat on tests) versus naturalistic tendencies (hippies).

We’ve all done this once or twice in our lives and while it is amusing in an ego-stroking sort of way, I think that we can all agree that there are some fairly basic flaws inherent in all such tests. Namely that all the questions are amazingly inane.

1. Do you like punching people?

2. When you punch people, is it because you want what they have, or are you trying to keep someone from taking what you have?

3. Do you like puppies?

You might be tempted to say that even if it’s true that these “tests” are ultimately meaningless, at least it gets people to think about what kind person they are and possibly what kind of person they’d like to be, but you’d be wrong.

The one thing we can’t afford to have any more of is self-absorption. You wouldn’t think that it is possible that we could become more self-absorbed than we already are, but I’d rather not risk it.

Case in point:

The fact that this person was so clearly trying to be ironic and only ended up being truthful is perhaps the saddest and most honest personality test ever. The truth is that everyone’s personality has already been summed up rather neatly by Douglas Adams, “You’re a jerk, Arthur Dent, a complete kneebiter.”


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