Your Fun Time Started 5 Minutes Ago.

There is a tiny part of me that can’t help feeling that something is not quite right. I don’t know that I’m able to really put my finger on it, but it seems to me that something has gone quite horribly wrong.

As evidence of this, I submit for your consideration “Beer and Wings Night.” Last week I floated the idea past some coworkers that we should really get together for some adult fun. Some of us were so hopelessly brainwashed that they had to be reminded what that might actually look like. Tragic. Anyway, after everyone checked their schedules and we had a lengthy round table discussion about soccer practices, orthodontist appointments, pet grooming, and bedtimes, we were finally able to decide on an hour-long window for wings and beer.

Does this strike anyone else as odd? I rather thought that one of the major perks of being an adult was the freedom to do as one pleased so long as no one got hurt. My understanding was that this freedom was put into place largely to counterbalance the loss of coolness, arthritis, reading glasses, and increasing irrelevance.

It seems that nearly everyone I know has effectively become an indentured servant to their work, children, or both. I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t work or care for our children; I guess I’m just wondering about the underlying assumptions that we’re making about these things. It appears as if it is becoming increasingly unthinkable that either work or our children’s schedules should at any time give way to our own.

Why on earth do these people get to control every minute of our lives?! Our Fearless Leaders have sent us a Loud and Clear message that their interests are wholly fixated on finding out for how little we’ll work while simultaneously informing us that we’re not working hard enough. Should we really be all that concerned about working extra hard for these people? Yes, it is important that the Hobbit and the Gnome have hobbies and interests outside of school, but why do we automatically assume that their interests and hobbies trump our own? They can’t drive, people! They have to go where we take them!

I figure that I’ve got maybe another decade left before one of the chronic illnesses my family have gifted me with becomes severe enough to actually limit the kinds of fun that I can have in my free time. If there is one thing I’ve learned from my Fearless Leaders, it’s that a decade in their merciless grip isn’t as much time as you might think. So I’ve really got to squeeze all the fun out of life while I still can!

Is Wings and Beer Night the kind of life-changing fun that I’m talking about? No, not really. However, I have discovered that when I start something new these days, I have to start out slowly because I’m more likely to pull something.


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