Peak Stupid

For quite a long time now, some folks have been talking about a phenomenon called “Peak Oil.” The logic is that since oil is a nonrenewable resource, it stands to reason that one day we’ll run out of it. Before that happens, however, the production of oil will peak and from that point on we the consumers can expect to see price hikes and swings, wars over oil, and other apocalyptic “never going to happen” nonsense.

Today I’m wondering if this concept might not also be usefully applied to other commodities as well. After a brief internet search I discovered that apparently (assuming you can trust the liberal scare tactics of the USGS) there is concern about “Peak Coal” now. I suppose that is to be expected, but I was really hoping for something entirely different.

Many students here in the Halls of Hookah smoke pot. I’m not suggesting they casually stroll down the hallways with joints in their grubby little mitts or anything, but ever since I took the “Drug Awareness: How to Tell if Your Teen Smokes Pot” class at the Civic Center, I have noticed that several students smell like kine bud. Even more curious, the smell gets stronger throughout the school day, which suggests either that it is very good stuff, or they are smoking it at school.

I have mentioned this curiosity to our Fearless Leaders before, only to have my concerns dismissed as paranoia (ironic much)? It used to be that bringing your stuff to school was possibly the stupidest thing to do. If you were going to get busted anywhere, it was at school. Clearly student thinking on this subject has changed a bit. Today, when a Fearless Leader suspects you of having “suspicious materials” in your bag, they are as likely to send you (unattended) to fetch it as they are to ignore you completely.

I’m beginning to wonder if the “Peak” concept might be applied to stupidity. Is it possible that with both drug use and oblivious Leadership on the rise, we might be reaching a Peak Stupid moment? If we’re not already there, can you imagine what we have to look forward to?


2 thoughts on “Peak Stupid

    1. RockWalker

      Of course! I hope that you didn’t think I was creative enough to think up all this random nonsense on my own! That would be giving me way too much credit!


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