“That RW is so funny! How does he come up with that stuff! Can you imagine being married to him?! Mrs. RW is the luckiest woman in the world!”

This is what I imagine my 6 loyal readers think about my blog. It is entirely possible that I am the one inspirational moment in their otherwise dreary lives and that is a burden that I gladly bear, because that’s how awesome I am.

Actually, the reason that I don’t post a new article to the blog every day is because most of the time what I write about isn’t interesting or even a little bit funny and I delete it in disgust. As a perfect example, today I had written 400+ words about becoming a soccer referee (a subject perfect for mockery if there ever was one) when I realized that it wasn’t funny and absolutely no one could even pretend to care about how amazing I look in black knee socks. (In case you’re wondering, it’s pretty amazing)

I know that I make it seem perfectly effortless, but the truth is that sometimes it just isn’t there and all I can do it read it and think, “fail.” Before you shower me with a tidal wave of sympathy hallmark cards and giant wads of cash, however, you should know that I, like all great almost completely obscure internet bloggers, understand that failure is a part of the job and that I must use it as a goad to discover newer and better things of which to make fun. (PS – That sentence just failed, but I’m leaving it in to show you “behind the scenes”)

So never fear, dear readers, for while I am trying to get the Hobbit to soccer practice, find someone to amuse the Gnome, and make sure Mrs. RW gets to work on time all while rocking the black knee socks, some dark corner of my mind is quietly sorting through it all confident that there is a joke in there somewhere!


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