Post Irene Wrap-Up

I know that several of my readers were very concerned that the RW Clan would not survive Irene, or if we did survive, we would resort to violent looting and in due course arrested and thrown in jail.

I am pleased to report that neither of these predictions came true and that everyone (including our known extended family) survived the storm more or less intact. Yes, the wind disturbed the Gnome and the Faithful Hound and yes, we managed to seriously annoy each other without the internet or TV to allow us to ignore each other, but all things considered we weathered the storm with panache.

I know that there was a betting pool going as to which hurricane option the RW Clan would ultimately choose and so now it’s time to reveal the winner. The RW Clan did indeed evacuate… all the way to Morehead City. We packed up our stuff to stay with the in-laws in order to be closer to the emergency shelters and also to spread the “amuse the children” duty among more adults.

In classic fashion, it turns out that it might have been better to have the in-laws stay with us because while both places lost power, our place has town water and sewer and so we never lost the use of the showers and toilets and our power is already turned back on. I say this is classic because not only did we have to do the Drive of Shame, but we returned to find out that we made exactly the wrong choice (in terms of creature comforts for weathering the storm).

The really fun part of all this is that every storm that comes up the coast will require us to make the same kinds of choices all over again and I’m sure that no matter what we choose to do, we’ll choose wrong.

In any event, I hope that everyone out there on the East Coast fared at least as well as we did and that your clean-up efforts involve lots of beer and hot dogs (everyone knows these are essential post-hurricane foods!)


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