WTF America 2016: T Shirts

An "Almond" Original Design

As my presidential campaign begins to ramp up, it occurred to me that in order to really capture the imagination and excitement of the American people I was going to need some eye-catching and humorous Tee Shirts.

I’m a big fan of Tee Shirt slogans and jokes and it has become sort of a tradition that I begin the hunt for a new humorous shirt every summer. It is possible to tell that the U.S. is the greatest country in the world simply by recognizing that our poets and humorists are so evolved that they can convey the deepest mysteries of the universe in the ironic Tee Shirt medium.

Everyone knows that sometimes the Universe sends us inspiration at the most random times. I was wandering around a store trying to keep the Hobbit and the Gnome from eating anything or setting something on fire, when my phone beeped. The Universe (in the form of sometime reader “Almond”) was calling me. The Universe revealed to me that my second campaign Tee Shirt (the first of course being the WTF America slogan itself) was to read “I Heart Hyberbole.” The where’s and how-to’s I’m leaving to the graphic genius of Almond, and how that figures at all into a presidential campaign I’ll leave to the American public.

If Almond actually designs the “I Heart Hyberbole” Tee Shirt, I know a guy who’ll print them for us at a fairly reasonable price. So should anyone else want one, I’ll be more than happy to make one for you in whatever size you’d like. I know that we have a few West Coast members and while I don’t know yet if the design will fit on a string bikini or a speedo, I’m sure that we can work something out.

So my question of the day is, what humorous, ironic, pithy, or weird campaign Tee Shirt do you have to offer?

Note: The above design is an Almond original and it was posted without his permission or knowledge. So it is entirely possible that in order to avoid prosecution or a pummeling, I’ll be going into hiding in the next few days!


One thought on “WTF America 2016: T Shirts

  1. stumpsmcgee

    I want an “I heart hyperbole” t-shirt! I know of another west coast reader would also enjoy one, as she also tries to find the most humorous and sometimes odd t shirt she can.


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