The Idiocy of Bicycle Commuting

Mrs. RW decided yesterday that she isn’t spending nearly enough time at work right now, so she decided that she would head into the office at O Dark Thirty, which for those of you unfamiliar with that time, is approximately 40 minutes before the Ass Crack of Dawn.

Last week I checked my school email account and noticed that the Revised Redone Teacher Workday Schedule 2B had been sent out and after quickly scanning through it I realized that no actual work will be possible during those work days and if I was planning on being ready for the first day of school I was going to have to cut my summer break short and head into work this week.

As I’m not actually getting paid to work this week I decided that not only would I NOT hitch a ride into town with Mrs. RW at O Dark Thirty, I probably wasn’t even going to get out of bed until well after the Ass Crack of Dawn. So this meant that I was going to have to use my trusty bicycle.

As I got underway this morning, I realized how stupid an idea this was. In the first place, it was only about 125 degrees this morning in the shade and because I was heading over the bridges and would be mixing it up with traffic I had my helmet on, which made my head start pounding a conga rhythm at about mile 2. I had also loaded my laptop, a change of clothes, and a drink into my backpack. Apparently those things together weigh approximately 50 pounds.

Of course the wind was in my face the entire trip, which not only slowed me down but also provided me with fresh waves of humidity and bugs. Let’s just say that I’m pretty sure I’ve met my daily serving of low fat protein already.

Of course once I arrived at the school and entered the air conditioning and changed clothes I felt great and will probably spend the rest of the day playing down how difficult it is to bicycle to work, but really, it is a pretty stupid thing to do on a day like today. The word of the day is “Telecommute”!


One thought on “The Idiocy of Bicycle Commuting

  1. Dayna

    If I would have known you we’re going to go to work today I would have graciously stepped aside so you could represent the science department at the meeting today. I feel so bad that you missed out on that!


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