The World’s Least Funny Joke.

The 1908 Contest Winner

Many people don’t know this, but there is actually a competition in which the contestants try to come up with the world’s least funny joke. You can imagine how difficult a contest this is as most people who fancy themselves with a sense of humor have been trying for most of their lives to be as funny as possible and trying to be un-funny usually results in painful expressions and possibly gas.

I am happy to announce that this year’s winner of The World’s Least Funny Joke can be found right here on the Edge of the World in my small town! Apparently this person has spent over a year setting this joke up and delivered the punchline with such mastery that everyone that heard it was left stunned with amazement.

My faithful readers can be forgiven for thinking that the winner is Yours Truly, because usually the award goes to the most talented writer, but this year a dark horse contestant blew the judges away and they were forced to unanimously vote for him. I’m not bitter though, because he really deserved it; it was that good.

I haven’t said much about it (because it’s not noteworthy), but Mrs. RW and I have been house-hunting for a little while now. The reason it’s taken so long is that both us have the misfortune of being employed by the county school system and while we don’t make enough money to be considered laughably poor, it’s a near thing. Recently though, we discovered a cute little house within our price range and put in an offer. After some silly haggling everything was settled, contracts were signed, and things were proceeding apace.

Last night I received a call that the seller had decided for no stated reason to cancel the sale. At first I thought that our real estate guy was having a bit of an April Fool’s joke with me, but it’s Saturday and no clown with balloons has popped out of my closet yet (isn’t that how all April Fool’s jokes end?) so I can only assume that this is really happening.

I just wanted to really quickly tip my hat to the guy. I’m not usually so gullible, but I confess that I was totally suckered into thinking that he was going to sell his house. Apparently he also managed to convince two different real estate agencies as well! As his house has been for sale for over a year, can you imagine this guy’s commitment level to his craft? It’s truly mind-boggling.

I’d like to take a moment and simply reflect on how high the bar has been set for The World’s Least Funny Joke Award. I can’t even imagine what next year’s contestants will have to go through. Oh and Buddy, I hope you enjoy your Golden Douchapotamus, you’ve certainly earned it!


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