And I’m out. Peace.

After years of struggling to achieve the easy fame that comes with hosting a secret internet blog that aims at making fun of education, life, politics, and myself, I think that it’s time that I finally admit to myself that it’s not going to happen.

I know that this will literally crush both of my faithful readers, but I’ve decided that I simply can’t go on pretending that one day someone will randomly stumble across this site and finding it insanely hilarious and oddly poignant will tweet the address to the world, making me an overnight success.

Apparently I’ve been wholly unable to raise the mundane existence of the average school teacher to the level of inspirational gestalt. Just as the light in my aquarium has finally burnt out, so too must the light of my brilliance flicker and fade into the background while youtube videos of people getting kicked in the nuts garner over 4 million hits.

Apparently ours is a world where obscure and often ill-timed jokes are no longer appreciated for the half-assed attempts that they are. Long gone are the days when folks with a mildly humorous (if rather odd) view on life could rant freely amidst wild applause and adulation.

Our world has devolved into a neverending series of 2 minute clips of slapstick. I’m not above such things of course, it’s just that I don’t have a high enough quality camera on my phone.

And so it is that today marks the last installment of this blog. It truly is a sad day and no words of mine can make it better (obviously). I’ll leave you alone now to weep your bitter tears.


6 thoughts on “And I’m out. Peace.

  1. Beth

    I like your blog!! It was the highlight of my mundane day counseling high school kids whose drama is based on YouTube or Facebook. What will I do now when I want to look busy when I’m really accessing your blog?? I must go and put on a brave face now for my colleagues (who also got a kick out of your blog, by the way).


  2. irishpirate81

    You got 1 star because of the CONTENT, not the emotion. Emotion is over rated. If you take this blog away from me, I’ll cut you.


  3. irishpirate81

    Yes, yes, April 1st. But as I haven’t been involved in an April Fool’s joke since I was six and my older brother put plastic wrap on the toilet, my mind didn’t go there at first 😉


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