“I heard a tone…”

As evidenced by the overwhelming comments and rave reviews, this blog can use some fine tuning. Both people who’ve bothered looking at the other pages on this website will note that since its inception, I’ve been unhappy with the title and header of this blog and always felt that it needed a certain something to make it sparkle. While I’m still not sold on the header, I think that I’ve finally found a title that I like.

100% of the credit goes to fellow SASS member and sometime contributor, Livebait. As often happens, chance comments reveal unexpected genius and this was the case this week. Apparently Livebait was amused by one of my more ridiculous ideas to improve the Cave of Conviviality and went on to tell our Fearless Leader. It should be noted that our Fearless Leader has a much different sense of humor than Yours Truly and often can’t tell if I’m being serious or not, so in an effort to help her out, Livebait stated that I was being “sarcastically serious.”

At first glance this phrase doesn’t convey any actual meaning. My first thought when I heard this story was, “how can someone be both sarcastic and serious, is that even possible?” However, upon using a popular search engine to look up the actual definitions of both words, I discovered that if you carefully choose between them, it IS in fact possible to be both sarcastic and serious… at least to a certain extent.

In fact, if someone were to go beyond the normal descriptions of my sense of humor (which consist of “dry,” “really quite bland,” and “omg, is that one humorless bastard”) and think about it for a second, “sarcastically serious” sums it up quite nicely indeed!

As the inspiration for this blog was the muzzling of the more sarcastic and ironic staff here at the Nape of North Carolina (oh come on, you can’t expect genius every time!), I have felt constrained to largely avoid those topics that are normally ripe for a sarcastically serious appraisal and instead focus on those particular to edumacation of the masses. With this much broader title, I’ll be writing on a wider range of topics and hopefully in a slightly more focused style. (I know that you English types out there have been pulling your hair and I apologize)

Anyway, all of this is my overly long-winded way of stating that you shouldn’t be surprised to see a slight shift in tone and topics here. Relax and just go with it. Who knows, maybe I’ll strike a nerve or hit on a personal hobby-horse and inspire you to actually comment… wouldn’t that be amazing?


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