100 Miles of Nowhere

Link to FatCyclist Blog

So today’s post isn’t funny in and of itself, but the concept I’d like to share with you all might be amusing.

For the last few years a blogger called Fat Cyclist has been raising money for cancer research by holding an event called the 100 Miles of Nowhere. Basically bicyclists get sponsors to donate money to cancer research and the bicyclist agrees to ride for 100 miles. (People with cycling specific clothing call this a “century ride”) The possibly amusing part of this ride is that the cyclists will deliberately choose the most stupid way to complete the 100 miles possible. Some choose to ride a stationary bike, others balance on training rollers, and some folks decide to do endless loops in nearby parking lots.

This idea has struck me as a completely insane thing to do (riding that far, even in tiny circles, is hard) and so naturally I am drawn to it like a moth to flame. I envision riding around a neighborhood block all day with a small refreshment station in someone’s yard and people coming out to point, laugh, cheer, and boo at me.

What I’d really like to know is if anyone else thinks it would be more fun to do as a group? The only thing more ridiculous than a solo 100 Miles of Nowhere is a group 100 Miles of Nowhere. The tentative date for the ride is scheduled for June 4th, but in the past people have had to settle for a date near there due to work constraints and that’s not really the point of it anyway, just as long as money is raised for cancer research.

So what do we think?

P.S. – Clicking the picture above will take you to Fattie’s blog where he’ll do a much better job talking about the event.


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