Who doesn’t love Boobies?!


While I was attending the mandatory pre-football Bean Bag Toss World Championship last Saturday I was accosted by a polite young lady who wished me to donate to the fight against breast cancer. I have always thought that this was a worthy cause second only to the Free the Guinea Pig Foundation, but I questioned why she was seeking donations amongst a rather rowdy crowd of drunken neanderthals who were busily debating how much beer they needed to shotgun so that they could keep their buzz going during the game.

Several years ago, Mrs. RW graciously volunteered (with the help of a large stick) to teach me to make eye contact with women I meet, so it was several moments before I realized that this young woman’s T-shirt had writing on it which stated in large block letters “I love boobies!” You have to admire the humor and guts it takes to wear a message like that in the aforementioned scenario.

This woman knew her audience though, because for a dollar donation she would give us our very own wristband with the same message on it.. how awesome is that?

A day or so later I was sitting with some colleagues at lunch laughing about my new wristband and someone wondered why you don’t see a big campaign for the fight against “the other gender specific cancer that shall not be named.” Since a large portion of the male population is at risk for “the other cancer,” it seems that it would only make sense that there would be a large fundraising drive to cure it as well, but there isn’t. O sure, there are generic cancer drives that men participate in like the Livestrong campaign, but never is “the other cancer” specifically mentioned.

The consensus among the men I know concerning “the other cancer” is that they feel that the generic cancer research is good enough and there’s no need to get into details. Certainly there’s no need to really talk about it because it’s not like we’re going to get it anyway.

Even if men were to suddenly create a fundraising campaign for such a thing, I can’t imagine that equally clever fundraising slogans would be as well received as they have been for breast cancer. You certainly wouldn’t want to wade through a football crowd with such slogans on your chest! In fact, here’s a challenge: Try to imagine where one would wear such a slogan and successfully get away with it… go on, I dare you!


2 thoughts on “Who doesn’t love Boobies?!

  1. mav3n

    I would definitely sit around watching Sex in the City/Bridges of Madison County/Project Runway with my girlfriends wearing a t-shirt that says: “I Love Cajones”


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