Calling Captain Obvious!

As predicted by my mystical 18th century Rhode Island Red-shaped weathervane, it was patently obvious today. My weathervane doesn’t predict the weather, (as that wouldn’t be useful knowledge at all) but rather plumbs the mystical forces that subtly govern the tides of human progress and thought and divines what kind of day I’m going to experience. Today it was pointing firmly at “Obvious.”

Ironically, how my day was to be “obvious” was not immediately apparent to me. This morning was the usual hectic rush to get out the door hampered by the shenanigans of my children, but nothing about that routine whispered “obvious” to me. I drove the family through Day 2 of The Hellacious Thunderstorm of 2010 and when I made my mad dash to the front door of the school I got soaking wet, but still I would categorize today as more “ordinary” than “obvious.”

And then I walked into the building.

“O my gosh, is it raining again?” … “Wow, you sure look wet!” …. “Whoah! Is it raining again?!”

These three comments all occurred within 15 seconds of my arrival, were delivered by three different people, and of course were all met with the same look of pity and disdain.

Please keep in mind that The Hellacious Thunderstorm of 2010 was in fact at that moment producing enough thunder to shake the building and multiple lightning flashes were visible through the school’s windows. Even if that wasn’t the case, however, I would hope that if a person is observant enough to notice when a coworker is wearing a raincoat and wet that they then might immediately conclude that it was raining.

What is it about people that drives them to state the perfectly obvious? There must be a contest of which I’m unaware whereby people attempt to make the single most inane comment possible. I can’t imagine what the prize would be, but I’m sure that it comes wrapped neatly with a bow and a tag on it that says, “prize.”

I was all prepared today to deliver a blistering commentary about the latest national spotlight being shined on the “broken public school system.”  I had an excellent diatribe all ready that would demonstrate that picking the worst schools in the country as representative of public education might not actually give you a valid conclusion. I was even prepared to say that yes there are “less than awesome” public educators, but using teachers as a scapegoat is rather lame when most teachers polled chose better school funding and support over tenure and even increased pay.

However, after having run the Gauntlet of the Garrulous here at our NC Honor School of Excellence this morning it occurred to me that my knee-jerk reaction to criticisms of my chosen profession might seem a bit too … obvious.


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