Just Imagine!

I know that I have developed a habit of teasing, mocking, and ridiculing our Fearless Leaders at every opportunity on the somewhat flimsy grounds (I can admit it!) that they are ineffectual, bothersome, pompous, and not a little bit silly. Today however, we had a meeting with the very highest of our Fearless Leaders and I began to have a greater appreciation for everything that they do not only for our own Cubicles of Curiosity, but for the entire school district.

I want you all to try to imagine that we didn’t have Fearless Leaders and all the things that they do for us suddenly stopped. The most immediate example that leaped to the forefront of my not insignificant cranium is that all of our favorite meetings would come to a screeching halt. Do you imagine that it is easy to organize a high school jazz band, a barely coherent school board member or two, and perhaps 500 educators who would all rather be preparing for the coming school year?! I can tell you that it requires Fearless Leading to pull off such a stunt and without them we wouldn’t be able to sit quietly with our hands folded while endless charts with font too small to read scrolled past our eyeballs, and THEN where would we all be? Hmm?

That’s not even the half of it! Without our Fearless Leaders, who’s going to tell us what our professional goals are and how much harder we still have to work (with less pay) to achieve them? Who’s going to buy the jelly doughnuts or keep an eye on the coffee pot or dole out our yearly allotment of pens; in short who’s got their eye on the big picture?! You? No, it is our thankless (I’m not counting self-congratulation) and tireless (nap time excluded as per contract subclause 3b) Fearless Leaders.

So over the next few days as you’re sitting in another meeting and your Fearless Leader is going over the Proper Toilet Paper Requisition Form, give them a round of applause (and no sarcastic slow-clapping!) and maybe even a big hug (note: please review your school’s guidelines about sexual harassment before attempting any physical contact) and thank them for boldly going where no one wants to go.


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