Rainbow Revelations

I was sitting on the couch today drinking my pre-workout protein shake (I prefer this flavor) when I happened to receive a tip from one of my many anonymous sources that there was something very strange happening on the Internets that I just had to check out for myself. Of course we all know that this greatest of communication and information-sharing technologies has long ago devolved into mindless drivel of the first order, but as I’m the Eternal Optimist I always seem to hold out hope that the newest Internets Hit will be some game-changing revelation that will pull humanity back from the brink. Sadly, my hopes were once again shredded like a child’s rocking horse tossed gleefully into a wood chipper when I clicked on the link and viewed this:

Now we all know why people tripping out should never be left alone with a video camera. I’m just very glad that he didn’t have to pee… God only knows what kind of insights we would have been exposed to then!

But even assuming that this particular person was sober (just go with it, ok?) is this really where we’re at now? Is literally everything fair game for public consumption? Please tell me that people have retained some shred of dignity or common sense to help them decide which of the billions of moments of their lives might be worth sharing and which should remain private!?

Wow. I guess my question has been answered. What’s really sad is that this nonsense is easier to search for and find that the latest unqualified information on the Gulf Oil Spill (that’s all cleaned up now, right?). I suppose that if this is the end result of actually recording the streaming consciousness of average people, then there is only one inescapable conclusion to be made…


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