Live From The Interwebs

Good Morning! I am live blogging today from my workshop on the exciting uses of technology in the classroom and the various opportunities now afforded to our students via the interwebs. So far today we’ve looked at how to move pictures and data tables around on Word documents and also how to create slideshows that look exactly like every other slide show ever.

It was clearly a mistake to allow someone with a short attention span and little/no tolerance for fumbling and inept presenters access to the internet. Ah well, I suppose that some people need to make mistakes in order to learn!

It is interesting to me that at no time during the presentation so far has anyone addressed the core question of “Does new technology always yield better education?” Perhaps at least in some cases the old school really is the best school. I mean sure, we can now instantly access millions of thoughts and pictures from around the world, but you know as well as I do that most of the people sharing their thoughts and pictures are complete morons.

Think about it for a second. The large majority of the people you meet in a given day are quite a bit dumber than yourself. (This is perfectly obvious because you are here) If this informal statistical trend continues around the planet then that means that (conservatively) 70 – 80 percent of the information available through this new and improved technology is total nonsense and a complete waste of your precious time (in other words, not at all like this blog!). This is only if the people of the world are all adding approximately the same amount of content to the internet, which I think nearly all of us can agree is not the case. We all know that the less informed a person is on any given subject, the more they have to say about it. (Again, completely unlike this blog!)

So, what overarching lesson we can all take from today’s 7.5  hour fumbling lecture hell-bent on showing us that new technology is new and therefore automatically better than anything else in existence, ever? Quite possibly we’ve learned that putting two computer literate people in a group with several folks who don’t know how to login to their email, then maybe you won’t get earth-shattering revelations on the new uses of technology.

There will be more updates on this week’s Adventures in Teacher Development as we progress through the week. The next article from me will be about the importance of being prepared when talking to sleepy and nonplussed teachers.


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