Everybody Wang Chung Tonight!

Technically this is a Friday post that I’m submitting a day early because this weekend is going to be a Blockbuster Fun Fest of epic proportions and I know that once it kicks off, I’ll be totally unable to contain my excitement or slow down the Fun Train enough to write about it. In fact, it is entirely possible that Monday I’ll be posting my next article from the jailhouse internet cafe asking readers to help me scrape together bail money. This weekend is going to be that awesome.

In fact the weekend kicks off tonight at the Academic Achievement Awards. The Awards go to students able to maintain a 90 or better average throughout the school year. Red carpets, spotlights, and photo opportunities abound at this gala and I wish that I could say that I’ve grown accustomed to the fame and renown that goes with being chosen to participate in this event, but the truth is that I’m a humble school teacher and I doubt that I’ll ever be truly comfortable being admired and mooned over. Apparently one of my former students was looking over the list of teachers that had already been asked to present these awards and noticed that my name hadn’t yet been added (no doubt entirely due to the aforementioned photo opportunity!) and signed me up out of a sense of charity.

Friday sees things really beginning to ramp up thanks to the Junior/Senior picnic. I’ll be able to attend the picnic this year during my entire planning period instead of being stuck inside getting work done due entirely to my ability to be unimpressed with high school shenanigans and to physically prevent students from sneaking into the event uninvited. This picnic is second only to the prom itself when it comes to wild partying. The students will be able to stand quietly inside a designated area in the football stadium (stay off the field, please!) and wait quietly in line to receive their hot dogs until it is time to clean up and go back to class! Can you imagine how excited those lucky ticket holders must be? I seriously doubt that any of them will be getting much sleep tonight.

All of this is really only prelude to Saturday, however, when the real action begins. Saturday morning will begin promptly at 5:30 AM because that’s what time the Gnome always wakes up and begins yelling at the top of her lungs. Shortly after that Mrs. RW and I will each drink a very large mug of fully caffeinated coffee! While are still buzzed from the rush of caffeine we will pretend to zoom around the house picking up toys and discarded socks while in reality remaining firmly on the couch watching the “Real Somethings of Somewhere” butcher the english language. Later that afternoon I may invite the RW clan to come watch a movie with me, but likely this will interrupt their naps too much and I’ll end up watching golf.

Of course Sunday will be spent recuperating from all this excitement and planning for the next weekend. I know that it seems impossible that anyone could ever top such an amazing adventure, but the RW Clan sets their sights higher than most. I know that your weekends pale by comparison, but whatever you have planned remember to have fun tonight!


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