Making Widgets

One of the major pet peeves of teachers everywhere is that they are constantly being asked to learn about new technology that their schools won’t have for another 4 years or so! Seriously, my teacher taught me with a chalkboard and a ruler (and a giant thermos of a suspicious smelling fluid), shouldn’t that be good enough for me? Why on earth do I have to learn how to use all these new fangled widgets?!

Ok, that’s enough seriousness for today. My real reason for posting was to point out some new features (they are called widgets) on the blog.

The first is the “Subscription” button. Clicking this will send you an automated message to the email account attached to your username every time I post something new here. This will hopefully make it feel less like I’m fishing for compliments.

The second is the new “Rating” system for every post. I am not a professional writer and while I strive to be humorous, often fail. The rating system will help me find out which posts you all liked best so that I can refine my writing. (This is for those people terrified of writing comments). The catch is that you’ll have to click on the article to “open” it to vote. (I know that you can already read it, just play along, ok?!) For example, I fully expect to get 1 star for this article because it’s not funny at all, but one that made you snort out loud in class might get 4 stars. Simple enough, right?


3 thoughts on “Making Widgets

  1. irishpirate81

    That was so fun, I voted twice! I’m sorry to say I had to give you a couple of 2’s… and the only reason they weren’t 1’s was because you used the word “widgets” -which of course is in my Top Ten Funniest Words list.


  2. RockWalker

    You all are too kind, thank you! I don’t know about anyone else, but I would love to see the IrishPirate write her own post about her Top Ten Funniest Words list. I’m sure it would be priceless!


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