Sarcasm as Teaching Aid

Way back in the day while I was still under the tutelage of Penn State’s finest agriculture educators, I was instructed in no uncertain terms that sarcasm was not an effective classroom management technique. You can imagine my shock and dismay at this announcement as all of my best teachers to this point had themselves used sarcasm (and mockery and derision!) to great effect in the classes I attended.

Luckily, I decided that this professor was out of touch with today’s classroom environment (she also advocated lightly touching students to get their attention nonverbally) and promptly ignored everything she said. However, there has always been this little doubt in the back of my mind asking if maybe, just maybe, sarcasm is not a great tool for education.

Well, today’s video could not have come at a better time! These fine people are happily using sarcasm, mockery, and derision to great effect and I have yet to see any “made for education” video that even comes close to this masterwork!


(all credit to the Casual Mafia for such excellent work… I bow to your brilliance!)

As you can plainly see, the Casual Mafia is at one stroke able to identify nearly every stereotype concerning Prius-driving Nature Winkies (for a review on Nature Winkies, click here) and dismiss them as ridiculous in a two and a half minute video. If only formal education could achieve this kind of efficiency! A school approved course on character education that touched on the concept of stereotypes would take a minimum of three weeks and at the end of it, students would still be calling each other “gay.” By contrast, I’d be willing to bet that everyone that watches this video will be very careful to avoid all the Prius Stereotypes out there for the rest of their lives!


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