Fearlessly Leading

machete_01Some people are born to be great visionaries and others have great visions thrust upon them. These are the people destined to become Fearless Leaders. These brave souls face the world in smartly pressed suits and passionately read prepared speeches to the insipid masses in order to create a better world.

Some people are born to make fun of them.

I have always considered myself in the latter group. A man of no great talents or gifts, but possessed of just enough wit to poke fun of the absurdities of these overly earnest eager beavers. I have been more than content with my lot in life and well pleased with my contribution to the greater good.

I should have known that the Universe would have the last laugh. With more and more frequency, people have been looking around for someone to undertake little projects around the Campus of Calamity and for some inexplicable reason, they have been looking at Yours Truly! I think that this must be one of the truest signs that we have reached the bottom of the barrel.

I spent all day in a seminar with some very talented people (I was distinctly out of my element) discussing among other things our strengths and motivations as team leaders. Not surprisingly, there were no boxes marked “condescendingly sarcastic” and “annoyed with idiotic fumbling,” which I think goes to show just how unsuited I am for this kind of thing.

There is a bit of pool going on how long it will take the Fearless Leaders to realize their mistake. I think that it’ll be somewhere around the 18th of August when I’m supposed to teach this stuff to the rest of the staff.

Oh well! Here’s to hoping that no one gets hurt!


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