This just in…

I have recently returned from another week long trip to my homeland, Pittsburgh, PA where I did my level best to expose the RW Clan to some of the cultural influences that made me the barely literate man that I am today. They were saddened and apalled, but I think that they now have a greater appreciation for what I went through as a child.

I love to make fun of the way yinz talk down here in the South, but it occurred to me since I try pretty hard (with mixed results) to keep my own verbal idiosyncracies to a minimum I should, in the interest of full disclosure, share with you how I actually talk when around my family and old school chums. Enjoy.


EDIT: A warm Thank You to the IrishPirate for providing today’s amusement. Yinz are great n’at!


2 thoughts on “This just in…

  1. stumpsmcgee

    I love it!! I should play this for my fellow teachers, as they rag me all the time for having an “odd accent with weird slang”. Whatever! At least I actually know what is, and eat, meat, and not just bean curd!!


  2. nerosremorse59

    OMG… like, I just left Pittsburgh last week and this was, like, being there all over again. To tell the truth, I rode my bike there from DC and had the privilege of seeing many beautiful SW PA towns like Connellsville, Adelaid, West Newton — and the honor of “having dealings’ with the city bus drivers and police of Duke City — you got it, Duquesne! Take me to Kennyworld!

    Thanks for the memories. Now, shut up and drink! you’re barely even pregnant…


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