On Being Epic…

703hunsIt is entirely possible that since I tend to write (ok, rant uncontrollably) about the strangeness that is my job more than anything else that there will be fewer posts per week than most of us have become accustomed to due to the impending summer break. Like most teachers, I don’t actually stop working over the summer just because I’m not getting paid, but my work will be largely of the research variety and it doesn’t translate well into the blogosphere.

In conversation with another SASS member, I discovered that a key to keeping things interesting is to make nouns into verbs and use them as often as possible. Today, I’m going to implore you (with all the convincing passion of a strung-out junkie who only needs a dollar) to be epic to one another. Most such pleas are for people to be kind or forgiving, but that would seem a bit forced and phony coming from me, so I’ll aspire to epic.

There are as many ways to be epic as there are people out there, so please don’t feel constrained to any one particular incarnation. As a ready example, the RW Clan is frequently epically sarcastic with one another around the dinner table. This is the kind of cutting humor that if used on lesser beings would probably invoke tears, years of therapy, and (very rarely) a shouted, “Shut up!”

It may take you a good while to figure out how you can capture your own epic self and share it with the world, but you’ve got a whole summer to experiment in and once you do find it, your joy will know no bounds (provided of course that your epic-ness doesn’t involve public nudity, because then it will definitely know some bounds… as in handcuffs).

Well I’m off to read a very un-epic textbook that’s just been assigned to me over the summer. If no one hears from me in a week or so, just cancel my subscription to Obscure Sports Quarterly please!

Have a good Break and if you don’t stop by again before summer break is over… Be Epic to Each Other!


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