It’s so On!

mountain-goatIt will very shortly become public knowledge, but SASS should hear it first. I have been nominated to the post of President of the Leadership Team of WCHS. This impressive-sounding title comes with its very own clipboard and the sole responsibility of cutting off long-winded teachers in the middle of their tirades. I don’t think that it’s dawned on anyone yet that by putting me in charge there is no one to cut short MY long-winded tirades, but it shouldn’t be long at all before the horrible truth sinks in and they start scheduling “appointments” for Tuesday afternoons.

That’s all well and good and I’m sure that most of you are already having a good chuckle over the thought of me asking stodgy old teachers if they were planning on winding down any time soon because everyone stopped listening several minutes ago, but that’s not really what I’m writing about today.

No, today I’m wondering how outrageous I have to be in a meeting to get each one of our Fearless Leaders to react. The last meeting that I ran, I got one of them to snort loudly enough to be heard by everyone, so that’s one down, three to go. Please understand that our Fearless Leaders are technically non-voting members of the Leadership Team and as such, are supposed to be there in a strictly advisory role and because of this they tend to zone out for 90% of the meeting. On top of that, these people are professionals used to dealing with all kinds of lunacy from adults and teenagers alike, so we’re not talking about your average joe.

I’ll keep a running tally in the comments section when/if I can break the stoic masks of our Fearless Leaders in a meeting. Few men have dared such a challenge, but I feel as if I’ve been preparing for this moment for literally minutes and I think I’m ready. Wish me luck!


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