Life is a Highway.

highwayAfter several phone calls, text messages, candygrams, and bat signals it began to dawn on me that some of the more regular SASS visitors don’t feel that they can make it through an entire week without a few rambling thoughts from Yours Truly. Since I’ve been a sucker for candygrams since 1995, here I am reporting live from the Burgh.

I know that it sounds nigh impossible, but with the help of the friendly folks at UHaul I actually managed to pack a week’s worth of “necessary” gear into a small caravan of trucks and transport the whole RW Clan north of the Mason/Dixon for an action-packed and fun-filled adventure with the grandparents. Unlike most people I actually enjoy visiting my folks (provided that they remember their medication) and even though I understand that it’s the grandchildren that they really want to see, it IS nice when they pretend that they love me.

For those of you that might be nostalgic for the Burgh, it has been overcast every day, between 30 and 65 degrees F, and today it rained all afternoon! Perfect! Sometimes all that warm and sunny weather of Beaufort really depresses me, ya know?

So what tricks have I learned after being trapped in a small car with Mrs. RW, a 7 year old Hobbit, and a 1.5 year old Gnome? Well, for starters I would like to recommend snacks. Please make sure that you pack enough food to feed a largish group of starving hyenas and you’ll probably only have to stop once to restock on the way. Secondly, you must realize that it is biologically impossible for both the Gnome and the Hobbit to fall asleep at the same time and that either one will insist on making loud and annoying sounds the whole time they are awake. This brings about my third point which is that investing in ear plugs is well worth the whacks received from the missus for not paying attention to what she’s been shouting at you for 20 minutes.

I could continue on in this vein (or one remarkably like it, but concerning the behaviors and motivations of piglets) for quite a bit longer, but Mother RW just announced that dinner is in 5 minutes and no one wants to miss her cooking! Happy Easter Break!


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