Christmas in April

‘To you taxpayers out there, let me say this: Make sure you file your tax return on time! And remember that, even though income taxes can be a “pain in the neck,” the folks at the IRS are regular people just like you, except that they can destroy your life.’ -DBtaxes3


2 thoughts on “Christmas in April

  1. rockwalker

    Truer words were never spoken… Something makes me think the IrishPirate will be spending some time tonight wondering if the beer consumed to relieve work stress is tax deductible.


  2. irishpirate81

    Don’t be fooled. The folks at the IRS have a great sense of humor! They have some hilarious jokes, which they share by writing them down in triplicate on “IRS Humorous Anecdote Form 1458-996”. Just the other night, I heard a great joke from an IRS employee: “A lawyer, a doctor, and a priest were marooned on a desert island. So we confiscated their homes.”


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