Teacher of the Year

toty-mugOver the course of my tenure I’ve instituted several innovative strategies and programs that I feel have enhanced the schools that I’ve worked for: At the middle school I worked to formalize an intricate series of hand gestures designed to quickly and accurately communicate teacher sentiment (that I believe is still in effect today!), and here at the high school I’ve worked tirelessly on behalf of those staff who need a small dose of reality mixed into their daily school-sanctioned foolishness.

I understand that in another setting these accomplishments would be accompanied with fanfare, parades, and possibly statues. It’s not that I expect these things of course, but who wouldn’t like the occasional fanfare? Since when have fanfares become the sole province of heads of state and cult leaders? What happened to those good old days when most anyone could commission homeless jazz minstrels for a week of grand entrances and exits? But I digress…

Here in the Halls of Hyberbole, however, have I been recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty? In a word, no. For the 9th consecutive year, I was not nominated for Teacher of the Year. There are several reasons why this is so, but really I think that it’s because “I’m the guy behind the guy.” I help make it possible for our Teachers of the Year to do what they do! I’m integral to the process! If I wasn’t out there lowering the bar of excellence each year, then in fairly short order we wouldn’t be able to nominate anyone!

I don’t expect any praise, thanks, lavish gifts, or checks made out to “cash.” I’m happy just to be able to do my part for my fellow teachers. I will gladly (and humbly!) shoulder my burden so that they may have their time in the limelight. (I hear the light is more a gold, but that wouldn’t have flowed nearly as well.)

I know that several other SASS members were also passed over for this prestigious award and recognition, but you should know that here at least is one person who feels your pain and recognizes that your unique talents and gifts make it possible for better looking and more popular people to succeed. Without us, how would the beautiful people be able to recognize themselves?

To all those teachers nominated or considered for Teacher of the Year…



3 thoughts on “Teacher of the Year

  1. stumpsmcgee

    mav3n, You’re talking about MY brother, right? The one we call “Grumpy” because he’s little more than coherent, let alone smiling and cheerful in the morning? Really? Huh.


  2. irishpirate81

    Stumps, allow me to introduce you to someone you really ought to meet. “Stumps, this is sarcasm. Sarcasm, this is Stumps…” I think you two are going to be great friends.


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