Forgot to title it! – RW

RockWalker – you could have had this student in your class.  Imagine the time you would have spent trying to decipher the inner workings of this child.  Be glad it was a simple message.  : )


2 thoughts on “Forgot to title it! – RW

  1. rockwalker

    I think that I’m going to pretend to resent your not-so-subtle implication that the male sexual experience isn’t something complicated or difficult to understand! I suppose that I should be patient with someone who has no first hand knowledge of the intricacies of the subject, but frankly that’s too subtle a point for me, so instead I’ll just rant and rave about how complicated it is to be a man.

    Um, ok so maybe it’s not that complicated. Or maybe it is SO complicated that not even I can begin to unravel its deepest mysteries! Yeah, that’s it! So There!


  2. SilverFox

    RW – Just thought I might point out there may be a simple error in the simple musing demonstrated by this not-so simple student. I did not try to fully integrate the page since some of it is obviously lacking, but if you consider the graph just south of mid-line on the west side (C-C, if you will), I noticed that IF the symbol intended is psi (ψ) then the graph is in apparent violation of boolean formulae. If it is intended as phi (φ), then it is simply wrong – obviously as a pi subset is clearly contradictory to the apparent logic. I would instruct the student to be more careful with his calligraphy and to reconsider this approach mathematically.
    As I say, just a thought.



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