Creeping Realizations

fridayI am in a surprisingly good mood today! Please understand that this is not to say that I am in a very good mood. What is surprising is that I am categorizing it as “good” at all! I know that most of you interpret my lack of facial animation as my being in a sour mood all the time, but I can assure you that it would be more accurate to describe my normal emotional condition as “nonplussed.”

Today was a good day because after all my wheedling, reading, agonizing, and communing with the good spirits I finally got to pick up my new bicycle! For those of you pretending to care about bicycles because you have a deep-seated desire to appear interested in what other people are saying, it is a Jamis Coda Sport.

I had Mrs. RW swing me by the store today to pick it up and quickly realized that (O no!) I would have to ride it home as there was simply no way it was going to fit in the Versa and the store didn’t have any bike racks for sale. (I”m avoiding mentioning the store’s name because I want to spare the bike store the embarassment this faux pas obviously caused!)

So with little success at feigned disappointment I got my foam chapeau out of the back of the car (how’d THAT get there?) and quickly started off down the road.

The first thing that I noticed was that there appeared to be something wrong with the bike. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was, but it wasn’t performing as well as I had been led to believe. I dismounted and checked the shifters and brakes, but they appeared to be in working order. The chain did need a little grease but that shouldn’t have been causing that big a problem. After another mile or so I dismounted again and made sure that the tires were inflated properly and the pedals hadn’t worked themselves loose, but everything appeared to be fine. At this point I was really quite stumped at what could possibly be slowing me down!

It was really starting to bug me and it wasn’t until I began working my way up the Beaufort bridge before I realized what was wrong with the bike; that I was the poor slob riding it! Apparently bikes are only as fast as the rider pedaling them. Needless to say I was very saddened by this realization and almost turned around to take the bike back, but that would have meant going back over the bridge and frankly I didn’t have it in me.

And so my relationship with the still unnamed Coda Sport began! Like all lasting relationships it started with a boundless hope and excitement that was followed by the creeping realization that if this was going to work it was going to require a lot of effort and a little lube.


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