Funny Looking!

squirrel4I have discovered a new gizmo thingie on my Editor’s Page that allows me to see how many people have visited the SASS webpage on a daily basis. Apparently we have quite a few “lurkers” here. (This is net-speak for people who visit web blogs but don’t comment/contribute)

Now I am flattered and gratified that you find my mostly incoherent ramblings amusing and I will continue to write them down as they occur to me, (because I have to get it out and Mrs. RW is tired of hearing it!) even though it sometimes feels like I am “talking” to myself. However, I would like to again invite you all to become active participants in our Secret Society.

In the first place, you all are witty and humorous people and I enjoy your quips and jokes. (facial expressions notwithstanding… that’s just how I look, ok?) If you don’t want to contribute whole posts then you can simply create an account and make little comments! Don’t worry about trying to be funny in the same vane as the original poster, just be yourself! After all, LiveBait, Nerosremorse, and I have been perfecting our particular strangeness our whole lives and no one can expect you to even want to copy that!

If however, you think that you WOULD like to contribute whole posts then you have but to ask. I like nothing better than to log on here and see that someone has commented or posted something new.

I will be adding to the Posting and Comments page today with (hopefully accurate) instructions on how to make an account, comments, and posts for those of you new to wordpress.

Since I just learned how to imbed videos on the blog yesterday, here is a totally random bit of fun… you know that you want one!


3 thoughts on “Funny Looking!

  1. livebait1

    Things to ponder on a Sunday afternoon…

    Will I be the only one to watch all 2 minutes and 58 seconds of the Couchbike Ride?
    That right hand turn really caught me off guard at 1:19. I totally expected a veer to the left.
    If only my nocturnal-factory-working partner weren’t curled up on the chair sleeping fitfully then perhaps I could have enjoyed the fine music the couch potatoes chose to listen to on their pleasant afternoon ride.

    RW – you are right – I do want one! I would love to take up an entire lane on route to work via Country Club Rd, which might actually happen if I had a comfy seat.

    I wonder if the fabric chosen for this particular model is water-wicking for that would prevent serious mold and mildew issues I witnessed on many a college-town porch.

    On an entirely separate note…
    I’d like to offer a warm welcome to silverfox and stump. Any help we can get to keep RW entertained is a blessing.


  2. rockwalker

    It might interest you to know that the CouchBike has created a strange fixation in some of my students and I would not be entirely surprised to see one or more of them tooling around town in the next few months. They’ve even gone so far as to attempt to contact the inventors and ask for tips and schematics!

    While it is very important for everyone’s relative safety to keep me amused, this is fortunately very easy to do. For example, Mrs. RW was able to keep me entirely occupied this morning with a ball of string.


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