Pajama Day

ugly-pajamasToday is Pajama Day at the Institution of Instigation and already I’ve had to explain my total lack of sleepwear to several students and two staff members.

I don’t think that I’ll even discuss the total disconnect between pajamas and school spirit. Even though no one has EVER been able to draw a line between the daytime donning of sleepwear (do our students need more incentive to dress provocatively and/or sleep in class? Really?) and your pride in your school, it is still considered a time honored tradition and frankly I don’t have it in me to debate it.

If I was going to talk about the idea that parading pajamas around school somehow magically indicated your enthusiasm for bettering your lot in life through a formal education, I might be tempted to point out the perplexing preponderance of cotton and flannel pants. What exactly is it about unflattering clothing that says, “nightwear” to these people? I wish that I could say that this was something new and bizarre among today’s youth, but we all know that ugly clothes have been the norm for nocturnal naps for at least 200 years. As I’ve already noted, however, this is hardly even a discussion worth having and certainly it is one totally devoid of reason, so I’ll give it a pass.

What I did want to talk about was why I am not participating in Pajama Day. The answer is quite simple, really. None of my coworkers would have been able to concentrate on their work! (I apologize for the poor picture, my daughter hasn’t mastered portraiture yet.)



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